What Businesses Can Insure?

All types of legitimate businesses like
manufacturers, plumbers, guesthouses, IT companies, transporters, logistics, property owners, doctors, and almost any other business that is based in South Africa.

If you are looking for business insurance companies in South Africa, then you have come to the right place to get insurance quotes for business South Africa.

What we do

Get extremely good insurance cover, at very competitive rates by DEALING DIRECT with the insurance company and not through a broker


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Commercial Property Insurance Quotes

Property insurance quotes on commercial property includes: insurance for industrial buildings, insurance for industrial property, industrial property insurance policy, insurance for industrial units, insurance for industrial equipment and insurance for industrial plants.

Business Operations Insurance

You are able to take out cover to insure business operations and also asset insurance which insures against many types of unforeseen events.


No Obligation Insurance for Business Quotes 

Select panel: 

Hand-picked and accredited panel of service providers (e.g. panel beaters, builders, plumbers) Guarantees offered.


Advanced systems:

Advanced systems and highly trained staff are able to ensure speedy processing of claims.


Car theft claims: 

No six-week waiting period for a stolen vehicle claim to be processed.Valid claims are paid out as soon as the necessary administrative process has been completed.


No need to get comparative quotes:

When you claim, all the work is done for you. No need for you to run around to get quotes.